Desmond and Leah Tutu’s 50th wedding anniversary

Zizamele Ceramics has been commissioned to produce 25 of their signature Bambanani Bowls for Desmond and Leah Tutu’s 50th wedding anniversary in July.

The Bambanani Bowl is an African version of the Friendship Bowl, also known as the Ubuntu Bowl. The iconic image of a group of Xhosa women holding hands encircles the bowl.

“For the Arch, we have created a custom version of our bowl where we alternated a male figure with the Xhosa mother with her baby on her back,” says Zizamele’s founder Toni Burton.“These figures hold hands in a spirit of Ubuntu or in this case, marital togetherness! A colour palette was provided by the client and these beautiful bowls will be used to decorate the tables. We are creating a special ‘golden’ bowl for the happy couple!”