NEXT 18 Trade Exhibition in Cape Town from 22 – 25 February 2018

Zizamele Ceramics will be exhibiting at the NEXT 18 Trade Exhibition in Cape Town from 22 – 25 February 2018.

‘Development by Design’ is showcasing the results of their various export readiness programmes, in which over 50 small and medium businesses have participated, with some having exhibited at European trade shows, whilst others are young designers eager to take their first steps in exporting.

These 33 exhibitors represent the best of South African product design, showing their new ranges of small furniture, lighting, home textiles, and fashion and home accessories.  Ready to order by retailers and decorators.

For visitors from South Africa and the region, the exhibition is a unique opportunity to meet new suppliers and designer manufacturers.  Besides visiting the exhibition, there is also the option to visit the designer manufacturers in their showrooms and workshops throughout the city.

The NEXT 18 Trade Exhibition will take place from February 22-25, 2018 from 10:00 – 18:00 in the Homecoming Centre in the East City of Cape Town.  Admission is free.


DATE : February 2018

2018 kicked off with Zizamele Ceramics exhibiting at NY NOW in February at the Javits Centre, New York, USA.

We were fortunate enough to be invited by a large importer of African goods to the USA – Swahili Modern.  Toni met the founder of Swahili Modern at a conference held in Ifrane, Morocco in 2016 for Women entrepreneurs from Africa and the Middle East (IWEC).  Leslie, owner of Swahili Modern was so taken with the Zizamele brand that she started ordering immediately.  Toni hopes to be on the stand at the next NY NOW show which will be held in August, 2018 where she looks forward to meeting the clients personally and presenting new products.


Zizamele joined the CBI   programme (funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands to promote imports from SMME’s to Europe) in 2014.

Our last year of exhibiting at Ambiente Trade Fair in Frankfurt on the stand curated and guided by Irene Vermeulen from Amsterdam and curated and guided by Solly Levy in South Africa.  Thank you to the DTI for support and assistance to enable our trips to Frankfurt to attend Ambiente from 2014-2017.  Thank you to the Dutch Embassy who make this event possible as well as pre and post fair guidance and support.

Zizamele is still a beneficiary of this programme for one last year and we will be exhibiting at SARCDA Xmas show with their assistance in August 2018.


Zizamele Ceramics completed an outdoor sculpture for the Greenpoint Eco Park.  They depicted an endangered fish, the Clanwilliam Yellow Fish in  press-moulded clay and painted them in their characteristic bright dotty patterns.  Seven of these were then mounted on stainless steel metal rods which were fixed to a raft of steel which lies submerged in the lake.

One of the fish had to be replaced recently when vandals threw a rock at the yellow fish and broke his tail off.  Later in the same year we creating a large version of our Ubuntu Bowl as a bench with Rockgirl sponsorship.

This has been placed outside the Cape Town Station.  We are hoping this won’t be our last public sculpture, as it is always great to see these two sculptures when we visit the city.


DATE : 2012

Crate and Barrel ordered 3000 hand-painted Reindeers from Zizamele in 2012.  They were in two designs: 
1500 striped like Zebras and 1500 spotted like Leopards – all in Xmas colours for their annual Christmas catalogue.


DATE : 2010

For the Soccer World Cup, we produced soccer bowls and replaced the women figures on the bowls with soccer stars.  We even painted their names on the jerseys!  The Iziko National Gallery located at The Castle, Cape Town bought this one painted by Sisanda Mbana.  This bowl was featured on the cover of the Iziko eir annual report of 2010.


DATE : 2008

Featured as part of the South African Handmade Collection in 2008.


DATE : 2008

First export order received from Anthropologie  via Trevyn McGowan was for 1 200 of our Big 5 T-light candle-holders.  This was a fantastic lesson in production.  The original order was for 300 which we could barely make on time.  When the order was quadrupled we had to put some systems in place!


DATE : 2003

Toni Burton has been a member of Ceramics South Africa since 2003.

Zizamele Ceramics on Craftscurator

Zizamele Ceramics was recently featured on Craftscurator, an international trend guide on global crafts and handmade design.

Craftscurator is coaching a group of 29 companies from South Africa. In this long term programme, exporters are learning what it takes to launch product ranges on the European market.

Irene Vermeulen, the trends expert from Craftscurator, is travelling to South Africa regularly to visit workshops, give training, and guide these entrepreneurs to find new market opportunities. A group of exporters is now preparing to exhibit in local trade fairs in Johannesburg. Next year, they are going to present themselves on European trade fairs.

Keep an eye on the Craftscurator website to see design and craft from South Africa on an international stage!

Desmond and Leah Tutu’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Zizamele Ceramics has been commissioned to produce 25 of their signature Bambanani Bowls for Desmond and Leah Tutu’s 50th wedding anniversary in July.

The Bambanani Bowl is an African version of the Friendship Bowl, also known as the Ubuntu Bowl. The iconic image of a group of Xhosa women holding hands encircles the bowl.

“For the Arch, we have created a custom version of our bowl where we alternated a male figure with the Xhosa mother with her baby on her back,” says Zizamele’s founder Toni Burton.“These figures hold hands in a spirit of Ubuntu or in this case, marital togetherness! A colour palette was provided by the client and these beautiful bowls will be used to decorate the tables. We are creating a special ‘golden’ bowl for the happy couple!”